Friday, 13 January 2012


I saw you first when I was born,
You not my Dad, you not my Mom.
What relation you have with me?
I can’t explain, It will remain unwritten, unsolved.
You the one who hold me, you the one you raised me.
You made me swim with the speck of your cover,
You kept me like a princes and loved me more than my Ma, more than my Father.
Who are you, from where you came?
God sent you for me, tell me what do I call you, what’s your name?
For others you are a Teacher, a Sister or some other individuality,
I more than my Mother, you my friend, you my identity.
I am thankful to God, as I am privileged to get love of two Mothers in this one birth.
I wish when I would have my next origin, I will get you as my part, my soul in the same place, on the same earth.
I love you more than anyone in this world.
I need you always here, and I need you in each of my birth.

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  1. This I wrote on a woman who did not give me birth but raised me as her own kid. I loved her and love her like anything. She passed away on Sept. 11th-2011 however I feel her always around ... shez in me and in my senses … She didn’t die… she lives with me ..!!