Friday, 16 March 2012

My Letter to Juliet

Dear Juliet,

When I arrived, I was bit terrified.

I came here in search of love and few golden jiffies.

I was raised, and grew up with lots of love and little rubrics.

Imagining my life without a fairy dream, would be so incomplete, may not define later any

I fell in love with one handsome lad. Truly, deeply, madly but bit overate.

Wasn’t so certain, what was wrong? Is it inside some love in him or love inside his hatred?   

The pain is so authentic, the sigh is so entice. I may not live long but this desire is everlasting.

 Tell me, what do I do? Should I carry on or decay myself all alone?

Is there a single ray of hope or I let myself go with prudent thoughts filled with agony and filled with moan.

Here my few words to you, in urge of some answer of my life.

Without your gleam, how would I find my way & how would I come to your lonest Paradise?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Few Things, I can never tell you and you can never understand.

Few things which can never change and can never get amend.

At times I think when would I stop chasing people, who run away from me?

Many times I seek, but it always stops & ends in me.

Who do I say? Who would listen?

You done at your part, but still something left, did I commit any sin?

People do bungles in their life, but they still remain same and they are still alive.

What’s wrong did I do, why .. why I am getting penalized?

They hate who commend some crime, some dire felony.

What was my fault …??

I was just in love & with some true feelings & some buried agony.

Aditi ....!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I feel bad, I feel worst, I feel refused, I feel dead.
When I see you going far, when I see you behaving hard.
When I listen to those words, so real, so tough, so foul, so rough.
I feel disgust, I feel little dark, I feel mum, so much edgy, and so much discard.
When can I say something? My words useless, my presence worthless.
As I am no where stand, no significance and no existence.
Feel like a broken tree, a broken bloom, a broken woman and an unborn heart.
Am I supposed to bear that, do you really think that?
Should I still love you? Should I still think you?
What did you give me? What have you got?
What makes you so different? What you are?
I am pretty, I am beautiful. I am perfect, I am wonderful.
I am kind, I am real, I am human, and I am liberal.
You still think I am obsessed, you still think I am depressed.
You really don’t know the real mean of the love.
You never had it, you never got it and when I am here to tell you that
You going far, you behaving hard.
When I listen to those words, so real, so tough, so foul, so rough.
I feel bad, I feel worst, I feel refused, I feel dead.
My words useless, my presence worthless.
I am looking you from far, now I am completely dead, I am completely

Friday, 13 January 2012

At times it’s very difficult to scrutinize the situation which you in. If everything good happens you think it’s the end result of your efforts and so you made it and when it goes beyond your expectation or totally opposite then you induce to think that whatever happens, happens for good however it is just an excuse to satisfy yourself at the end because no one knows it was right or it was wrong and why the hell did it happen? Why can’t we know all the answers which we ask ourselves many times? Why can’t we be so strong to take the decisions related to our lives?  Why do we meet people if we are not bound to live our life with them forever? Life is not only all about getting lessons and improve yourself through your mistakes but it the name of Love & Happiness too. If I am ready to deal with the situation then who is stopping me? If I am here on this earth to get the joy of my life, then what’s wrong with it? Yes, I need to be strong enough but why did God make me & my heart like this where I know each & everything which is happening around me but still I feel myself helpless and disregarded.
Close your eyes and think about  your past.
What did we lose and what exactly we got.
We found enough of people and little gained.
Lost some relations, which can never back again.
We cherished many eves with our family & some chums.
Did days remain same or they got little firm?
Our old, smashed diary makes us smile & at times makes us laugh.
But the intense feeling comes and we think what we really have and for what we really fought
It comes to an end when we badly cry.
We slowly walk ahead, and then we actually realize.
Life is nothing but  you and your dignity
Your work & somewhere your own significant identity.
We fall sometimes, we fell many times.
 We cannot avoid bad things, we cannot be always right.
Trust  yourself and be little strong
Fight with situation but not to anyone
I lived with this fear and do not want for next coming year.
As if the darkness is the name of night then the Morning always brings light.
With this sweet message I admire my past and all of my cries
I am hugging and welcoming you, you my part now and you my new life.

Welcome 2012

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Is there any chance of my recreation?
When I could walk, I went for sleep
I want to stand but now I even can’t breath
I want to shatter this wall, I need salvation
Is there any chance of my recreation?
The ways were ruined, I found me dead
I fall many times, but eradicate that threat
I am waiting for that flash to get a clear vision
Is there any chance of my recreation?
I have that glow I know, I have that shine
I can even cross horizon and can reach the divine
I need some path to spoil abomination
Is there any chance of my recreation?