Friday, 13 January 2012

At times it’s very difficult to scrutinize the situation which you in. If everything good happens you think it’s the end result of your efforts and so you made it and when it goes beyond your expectation or totally opposite then you induce to think that whatever happens, happens for good however it is just an excuse to satisfy yourself at the end because no one knows it was right or it was wrong and why the hell did it happen? Why can’t we know all the answers which we ask ourselves many times? Why can’t we be so strong to take the decisions related to our lives?  Why do we meet people if we are not bound to live our life with them forever? Life is not only all about getting lessons and improve yourself through your mistakes but it the name of Love & Happiness too. If I am ready to deal with the situation then who is stopping me? If I am here on this earth to get the joy of my life, then what’s wrong with it? Yes, I need to be strong enough but why did God make me & my heart like this where I know each & everything which is happening around me but still I feel myself helpless and disregarded.

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