Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Few Things, I can never tell you and you can never understand.

Few things which can never change and can never get amend.

At times I think when would I stop chasing people, who run away from me?

Many times I seek, but it always stops & ends in me.

Who do I say? Who would listen?

You done at your part, but still something left, did I commit any sin?

People do bungles in their life, but they still remain same and they are still alive.

What’s wrong did I do, why .. why I am getting penalized?

They hate who commend some crime, some dire felony.

What was my fault …??

I was just in love & with some true feelings & some buried agony.

Aditi ....!!


  1. Negative thoughts, written beautifully.
    To who you are chasing, he has same things what each human has. its your mind who find specialty in him (he is not special). there is no "love" exist its just expectations makes everyone unhappy when its not fulfilled.
    you are going through the phase where all pass someday. After sometime you will laugh, what you have written.

  2. Yah ... Becuase it happens when you in love .. :-) I wish I'd laugh again as you said ...!! Thanks