Friday, 13 January 2012

Close your eyes and think about  your past.
What did we lose and what exactly we got.
We found enough of people and little gained.
Lost some relations, which can never back again.
We cherished many eves with our family & some chums.
Did days remain same or they got little firm?
Our old, smashed diary makes us smile & at times makes us laugh.
But the intense feeling comes and we think what we really have and for what we really fought
It comes to an end when we badly cry.
We slowly walk ahead, and then we actually realize.
Life is nothing but  you and your dignity
Your work & somewhere your own significant identity.
We fall sometimes, we fell many times.
 We cannot avoid bad things, we cannot be always right.
Trust  yourself and be little strong
Fight with situation but not to anyone
I lived with this fear and do not want for next coming year.
As if the darkness is the name of night then the Morning always brings light.
With this sweet message I admire my past and all of my cries
I am hugging and welcoming you, you my part now and you my new life.

Welcome 2012

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