Friday, 13 January 2012

Once upon a time there was a beautiful angel
Was captivated by the earth, it’s beauty and it’s grill
She brawled with God, and induced alottt

God: You pretty, intense but you are so innocent.
How would you survive, why would I send you to crib & to cry?
How would you live and why do you want to die?
Angel: I wana be a Human; I wana be a girl, remove these wings, please send me on earth.

God: Dear, you do not know the real world”, you cannot live, you will be amazed, and you will be baffled. You will have to be tough, you will be so surprised.
You won’t be able to come back; you may lose your conceit & your precious pride.
Angel: I want to see the world, I will go, I will live, and I will grow, I will rise.
Let me go there I will prove that I deserve bliss & your b'ful delight.
So God took a promise from her, until she lives she has to prove humanity & has to be a doer.
And have to choose one man, has to be yawning in their love.
Should marry him and give this veracity to their kid.
If this gift won’t be exchanged, it will be her heaven’s complete exit.
Lastly, she came, she was born, she lived, and she got her Love

Now they are together, they love, they live, they struggle,
Have been proved an amazing & great true lovers.
They both are different, both are unlike.
But they in profound love, without one, one cannot survive.
Many times they have decided to get apart
But one compulsion always remains in this angel’s heart.
What would happen they get separated?
How can her integrity pass this fate?
She requests her love, Do not leave me baby, I need you always.
And bound to tell the truth to him, she loose her self-respect, many time her grace.
He does not understand, as he is a naive
But what she can do, as she has to live with slur and with futile disgrace.
She is mum, scared and in many ways helpless.
If he doesn't marry .. she is nothing, she is hopeless and completely useless.

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