Friday, 13 January 2012


It was the great time, when she was born.
When a girl was too young and the princes of her home.
She had been loved since she opened her eyes.
Since she came on earth from God’s beautiful paradise.
It was a beautiful home, with her Dad, with her Mom.
She had been beautifully raised, played, laughed & everything was so great.
Everything was new when she went & stepped out.
Was that the real world so rude & so loud?
It’s tough to believe if she is now the same?
Time is big power, it seems when it makes hard, your entire lane.
She had been betrayed, she had been stressed.
She had been exploited, she had been in crisis.
She had to be rough, as she is not anywhere.
She needs to be tough, she needs to be little wise.
She gained some pain, she got some lessons.
She got badly crashed, and can’t smile, for no reason.
People still ask me why you are like that. Why do you think everything is so dark?
I smile and say time slapped me badly
I am still alive but don’t look for my heart.

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  1. When I wrote this I thought I'd be able to change myself and imply things which I wrote in this poem however whenever I try, I fail ... !!