Friday, 16 March 2012

My Letter to Juliet

Dear Juliet,

When I arrived, I was bit terrified.

I came here in search of love and few golden jiffies.

I was raised, and grew up with lots of love and little rubrics.

Imagining my life without a fairy dream, would be so incomplete, may not define later any

I fell in love with one handsome lad. Truly, deeply, madly but bit overate.

Wasn’t so certain, what was wrong? Is it inside some love in him or love inside his hatred?   

The pain is so authentic, the sigh is so entice. I may not live long but this desire is everlasting.

 Tell me, what do I do? Should I carry on or decay myself all alone?

Is there a single ray of hope or I let myself go with prudent thoughts filled with agony and filled with moan.

Here my few words to you, in urge of some answer of my life.

Without your gleam, how would I find my way & how would I come to your lonest Paradise?